Friday, September 4, 2009

Almost a rock star...

.... if almost means shooting production stills for a rap music video. I was given the opportunity to be the still photographer for the "Ask Yo Baby Mama" music video by J. Dandrige featuring Matt Blaque and Kafani.  To avoid interrupting the filming almost all of these photos were shot without flash and high ISO... not bad for bad lighting.

This guy is nuts but he's just cool.  Children, don't play with fire!
Yea, I'm jealous.  That's a Red movie camera aka THE video camera of your dreams.
Kafani doing his thing
Rollin in the Escalade
...And the Camaro... 

The director and crew (left) and Kafani (right)
J. Dandridge, Matt Blaque, and Kafaini (Left to Right)

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