Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Photography de Reve blog explained

I figured since this is a new blog I should probably explain what it's about.  I love photography... plain and simple.  I'm blessed to have friends and family that share my passion and wish to see me succeed in my ventures.  Photography de Reve was formed through the efforts of my friends, family, and me and this is our blog.  I'll post random stuff that's typically related to photography but occasionally may be a completely unrelated topic that I just found of interest.  For the most part you'll find blogs about our shoots, our specials and promotions, and what Photography de Reve is up to.  By the way, Photography de Reve should be spelled Photography de Rêve (with the accent) but I noticed our wonderful new blog wasn't showing up in search engines so I purposely left the accent off the "ê" in this post.  That way our fans can find us when they go to (insert your favorite search engine name here) and search for "Photography de Reve".

Since this is a photography blog I should include a picture with every post (a rule I've already broken).  I'm a car enthusiast as well as a photographer so here's a cool natural light photo I took at an import car show in Alameda, CA.

Did you know we're available to photograph cars as well as people?  If you're in love with your car book us for a shoot by visiting or emailing us at

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